What is New Jobs Friday UK?


New Jobs Friday UK is a weekly newsletter that delivers all the latest job offers in the UK music industry to your inbox.

New Jobs Friday UK was created to simplify your job search - instead of looking up all the various websites listing job offers in the UK Music industry you can just get them all in your inbox every Friday at 12pm UK time.

Is New Jobs Friday free?


Yes, it is free to sign up to the newsletter here and it’ll always be.

Can I see what the newsletter looks like before signing up?


Yes, you can head over to this page here to check out the previous issues and go through all the offers we’ve sent to our subscribers since we started this newsletter.

Do you list job offers from all over the United Kingdom?


Yes, we list job offers from all over the UK. You’ll find that the majority of roles listed in the newsletter are from London and surroundings, but this is more due to the nature of the UK music industry being concentrated in and around London. We’ve previously had offers for jobs located in Birmingham, Liverpool and many other cities in the UK.

How do I apply for a job?


Each role listed in the New Jobs Friday UK newsletter includes a link to read the full job description where you’ll find out how to best apply for the position.

Where are you aggregating the job offers from?


We currently aggregate job offers listed on the 4 main music job boards in the UK - Music Business Worldwide, Music Week, Doors Open and The Dots.

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like us to include job offers from a specific job board.

How can I get my job offer listed in the newsletter?


New Jobs Friday UK is an aggregator newsletter so as an employer there are different ways you can get your job offer listed in one of our issues:

1. List your position on one of the job boards we’re aggregating offers from - see previous questions for the full list - and your job will automatically be included in the next newsletter.

2. Contact us to get your job added to the next newsletter. The job description will need to be available on your company website or a third party website (e.g. LinkedIn, HR platform, job board). We’ll also need to know the role title, company name and location (City).

3. Promote your job offer on the newsletter - see next question for more details.

Can I promote my job offer in the newsletter?


Yes, there are 2 ways you can promote your job offer in the newsletter to get more visibility and increase the number of applicants.

Job Of The Week - advertise your job offer at the very top of the weekly newsletter, in a dedicated section, before the rest of the job offers for that week.

Push Notification - advertise your job offer in a dedicated email going out to our whole mailing list on the day of your choice (except Friday).

Email us here to find out more about those options.

What kind of jobs are in the Music Industry?


There are many different jobs you can do within the music industry that do not require you to be a musician. Most organisations in the industry will have departments that you can find in any other companies in other industries - Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Business Affairs, etc..

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of departments for which we've had job offers since the creation of the newsletter:
- A&R
- Business Affairs / Legal
- Sales
- Streaming
- Creative
- Production
- Marketing / Digital Marketing
- PR/Promotions
- Brand Partnerships
- Admin
- Finance
- Licensing/Rights
- Artist Management
- Operations
- Developer
- Live
- Human Resources